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Version 1.26


ShellDetails is a Content plugin for Total Commander.




Total Commander displays additional fields provided by the shell extension "Tortoise CVS" in a custom column view.

ShellDetails displays all Windows Explorer fields in Total Commander.
In addition to standard fields like Name, Size, Type, Attributes, several date/time fields and many others are available.
The Owner of a file can be displayed as well as (number of) Pages in documents like TIFF or DOC.
Especially interesting for searching are meta data information like Author, Title, Category and Comment.
For music files fields like Copyright, Interpreter, Album Title, Year, Title Number, Song Category, Length and Protected should be relevant. Some of these fields are also supported for video files.
In the category pictures there are the fields Camera Model, Picture Captured On and Dimensions. Not only dimensions of JPEG pictures are supported. Many other picture formats are supported as well.
We also have the properties of applications and libraries like Company, Description, File Version, Product Name and Product Version.
These are just the internal fields. If you have any ShellExtensions installed that provide additional fields they will be displayed as well. Here are some examples: