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Plugin description

xPDFSearch can be used to perform full text search in PDF files. In addition xPDFSearch provides meta data information from PDF files. It's possible to display title, subject, keywords, author, application, PDF producer, number of pages, PDF version, created and modified.

Field descriptions

Title The document tile.
Subject The doucment subject.
Keywords Keywords describing the document.
Author The document author.
Application The application which has been used to create the document.
PDF Producer The component which has b een used to perform the conversion to PDF.
Number Of Pages The number of pages of the document.
PDF Version The PDF version of the document.
Page Width The width of the first page.
Page Height The height of the first page.
Document Start The first approximately 1000 characters of the PDF document.
First Row First row of the PDF document.
Copying Allowed Indicates if copying text from the PDF document is allowed.
Printing Allowed Indicates if it's allowed to print the PDF document.
Adding Comments Allowed Indicates if adding comments to the PDF document is allowed.
Changing Allowed Indicates if changing the PDF document is allowed.
Encrypted Indicates if the PDF document is encrypted.
Tagged Indicates if the PDF document is tagged.
Linearized Indicates if the first page of the PDF can be displayed without loading the whole file.
Created The creation date of the document.
Modified The date were the document has been modified.
Text The fulltext search is only available in the search function of Total Commander.